Where to Shop in Scotland

Going on vacation somewhere new? I know what you’re going to do. You’re going to go shopping! But where do you start? What are some shopping centers that sell products you’ll love?

When you’re visiting or touring a new country, it’s inevitable that you end up shopping for some great stuff that might not be available in yours. That means you need to find great shopping centers that’ll fit your needs perfectly. Finding these shopping centers that sell great products can be difficult. But we’ve compiled a list for you so you don’t need to search any longer. Here are 5 great places to shop in Scotland


The Barras Market

Located at Gallowgate by the east end of Glasgow, the Barras market attracts shoppers looking for vintage items. Vendors in this market offer a lot of great vintage accessories such as clothing and furniture to bring home. It is also a prime spot if you’re looking for unique and handmade trinkets you can gift to your friends.

You’ve been up on your feet almost the entire day. That must mean you’re pretty hungry. Visit stalls in this market that sell local delicacies and sweet confections that will leave you wanting more. These snacks and sweets make your mouth water just thinking about it. If you do decide to treat yourself to some food, be sure to get some Barras Market doughnuts.

In Barras, be prepared to buy lots of affordable, vintage goods and have an overall great shopping experience.

Buchanan Street

Are you looking for your next praise-worthy outfit? Buchanan Street is the place for you. If you’ve got some money to spare, splurge on some high-quality products from high-end brands. This shopping destination is home to some of the top footwear specialists and beauty stores in Scotland.

If you’re not looking to shop, be sure to visit this spot anyway when you’re in Glasgow and be wowed by the impressive Victorian-style architecture you’ll find. Buchanan galleries can be found at the end of this pedestrian boulevard. Enter this shopping mall with over 80 independent boutiques and indulge in your shopaholic self. Just don’t spend too much and buy what you can afford. Products in this place are expensive.

Loch Lomond Shores

Take a 25-minute drive from Glasgow and visit this shopping destination as well as the sights the Loch Lomond offers. Home to tons of toy stores, designer fashion brands, and independent stores, the Loch Lomond Shores attracts tons of attention. Visit on the 1st or 3rd Sunday of the month so you can experience the farmer’s market selling lots of trinkets and fresh produce. This spot is perfect for families.

St. Enoche Centre

At the heart of St. Enoch Square is this center. A few steps away from Buchanan Street, this is the largest shopping center in the Glasgow city area. Treat yourself to some entertainment, cute clothes, or delicious food from one of the 100 establishments found within this center.

If you’re a parent looking for something for your child, there are tons of toy stores available here as well. Be amazed by the stunning architecture this center offers. The St. Enoche Center is the perfect place to shop in Scotland.

Merchant Square

5 minutes away from the St. Enoch Centre is Merchant Square. Here, several stores close late into the night or early in the morning. You can get anything from handmade trinkets you can bring home as a souvenir to delicious food.


Most people love to shop when they’re on vacation. And who can blame them? If you’re looking for a place to shop in Scotland, visit one of the 5 listed above. To shop in Scotland doesn’t mean spending so much money. It means having fun and enjoying your time.