Souvenir Must-Haves To Bring Home From Scotland

Ending your vacation is a bittersweet moment. Bitter because you’ll have to go back home and say goodbye to a place that brought you such joy. And sweet because you can finally go home. But what if we told you that you could bring a bit of your vacation back home with you? Buy some objects and souvenirs that will remind you of a fun memory. A magnet of your favorite sight could be a great souvenir.

No one wants to leave Scotland and go back to reality. Why would you when the sights in Scotland are beautiful and the food is delicious? Bring a piece of Scotland home with you by buying a few of the souvenirs we’ve listed below.



The quaich is an ideal gift that isn’t too tough to bring home with you. It’s a small drinking bowl used during Scottish weddings, christenings, anniversaries, and the like. It is also often used as a trophy for sporting events.

The quaich can be made of many different materials from stone to wood to silver. If you’re looking for a great souvenir you can buy that’ll remind you of Scotland, this is it.


The kilt is a popular piece of Scottish clothing. Often, when dancers or singers are playing bagpipes or showcasing Scottish culture, they’ll wear kilts as part of their costumes. Why not get yourself a kilt as well? You can wear this anytime you want. It’s useful and it serves as a great souvenir.

Something to love about kilts would be comfort. These knee-length items are a big part of Scotland’s heritage and style.

Heathergems Jewelry

Buy the special people in your life this magnificent piece of jewelry. Costing anywhere from $10 to $100, this piece of jewelry is made from the stems of the heather plant. The heather plant blooms purple and is well-known in Scotland. This piece of jewelry brings a splash of color to your life and each piece is one of a kind. No two patterns can be the same. Bring a piece of the Scottish Highlands home with you.

Buy local products

There are tons of little shops littered around Scotland. Most of these shops sell cute handmade trinkets that you’ll absolutely love. You could also buy some local delicacies such as Scottish tablets. These are sweet semi-hard candies that taste delicious.

You could also find some local artwork. These paintings, drawings, and more can give your home a touch of Scotland. When you look at the artwork, reminisce about the fun times you had in the country. Who knows? You might be convinced to come back.

Get something tartan

Scotland is the land of tartan. Kilts are usually made of tartan. So if you’re looking for a souvenir from Scotland, buy yourself a tartan. The popular piece of clothing tourists seem to love is a tartan scarf. This is a practical choice and it’ll keep you warm. Or you could snuggle up to a warm tartan blanket. It’s all up to you.


Scotland is an unforgettable place. Leaving it can be difficult. But it can be less difficult when you bring a piece of Scotland home through one of the many souvenirs we’ve listed above. Souvenirs are little pieces of a great memory you would never want to forget.