5 Beautiful Caves to See in Scotland

Mountains, beaches, lochs. It seems enough, don’t you think? Scotland begs to differ. Add caves to the list of places to visit in Scotland because there are tons and they’re all equally beautiful. Caves in Scotland offer exciting adventures and fascinating discoveries.

The first thing we usually focus on are things we can find on the surface. In terms of Scotland, that means we focus on buildings and animals, and hills. We forget that there’s a whole new world you can discover right beneath your feet. Seeing as there are a lot of caves you can visit in Scotland, you’re going to have to narrow it down. Here are the top 5 caves in Scotland you should add to your itinerary.


St. Ninian’s Cave

Located 4 miles from Whithorn, St Ninian’s Cave is a sea cave that is thought to be either the hideaway of a Christian saint or the spot for a retreat from the monastery at Whithorn. It requires a short hike from the car park at Kidsdale. This cave is located close to a beach. And when you walk in, it’s as if you’ve been transported back in time and you’re hiding from evil invaders.

This cave is in the southwest corner of Scotland. And traveling to enter it is worth it. Feel the thrill as you enter such a mysterious cave that gives you a sense of peace and solitude.

Mackinnon’s Cave

Step into the world of myth and magic when you enter Mackinnon’s Cave found on Mull’s west coast near Gribun. Make sure to go to this cave when it is low tide because that is the only time it is accessible. Check tide times. There is a challenging walk from the parking area to this cave but, when you head into the cave, you’ll know it’s worth it.

This cave was visited by two writers namely Johnson and Boswell in the 1770s. It gives you a sense of adventure and is the perfect spot to stop and think.

Traligill Caves, Inchnadamph

Hike to this cave and find absolutely breathtaking views of the mountains. To walk to the cave, you have to go to the Inchnadamph Hotel seeing as the walk starts there. Feel the wind on your face as you start your journey. Ready to be an explorer? Because this cave is the perfect place to start.

Fingal’s Cave

Sir Joseph Banks stumbled upon this cave in 1772 marking its discovery. Its jaw-opening entrance forms a perfect hexagonal pattern. It’s a natural masterpiece! Be sure to visit this cave when you’re on Staffa Island.

Fun fact: Fingal’s cave is also known as the Cave of Melody. This is because the interior of the cave has great acoustics. Prepare to be enchanted by this stunner and definitely add this to your itinerary.

The Smugglers Cave

Do you those caves in historical shows like Game of Thrones with gates on them? That’s exactly what the Smugglers Cave is. Earning its name because various smugglers used this cave to hide for years, this cave will bring you back in time to the land of kings, queens, swordfights, and battles.


The caves in Scotland are beautiful. These caves will render you speechless. If you want to explore every inch of Scotland, you have to take a look at their caves. Here are 5 of Scotland’s most beautiful caves.