Traditional interior decorations to buy in Edinburgh

If you are thinking about getting a gift from Edinburgh that can hardly be bought abroad, this list of ideas might be very helpful for you. In this article, we are going to focus on the pieces which are particularly good for the tourists who would like to bring something for the interior design from Scotland as well as for those looking for luxurious goods.

Edinburgh Crystal

While it is possible to find different crustal manufacturers, one of the most iconic brands in Scotland is Edinburgh Crystal that has been manufactured since the 18th century. The modern brand is owned by Waterford Wedgwood.

Edinburgh Crystal is a perfect gift to people for different preferences. You can get is a beautiful interior decoration or a functional item that can be used for serving the table. Furthermore, if you just are looking for something unique and expensive, Edinburgh Crystal will also be a perfect choice as it is indeed a luxurious good.

The assortment of crystal goods offered by this manufacturer includes decanters, drinking glasses, baskets, bowls and bells. Some of the products of this crystal company are also regarded as collectibles and they were previously offered under the Connoisseur Collection. The items you can find in its range are King James, the Thistle, Lochnagar and the Star of Edinburgh.

Still, do not feel like this gift option is available only for the travellers who are ready to pay a lot while shopping. While some pieces in the collection of Edinburgh Crystal are indeed pricey reaching 400 USD, you can easily find many goods offered for only 15 USD.

If you are wondering about the place where you can shop for Edinburgh Crystal, the best place is John Lewis located at St James Centre, Edinburgh EH1 3SP.


If you are looking for some unusual item manufactured in Scotland to bring from your trip to Edinburgh that will remind you of the time spent in this country, you should consider getting a quaich.

It is quite possible you have never come across such an object that, just like the goods of Edinburgh Crystal can be used both for purely decorative purposes or as tableware. That is so since a Quaich is a very special Scottish drinking bowl. It is typical for Scottish people to give quaichs as presents on very special occasions including christenings, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings as well as a trophy to celebrate sports events, especially golf.

The variety of quaichs is extremely large and the price range for this product is also extended varying from 20 USD and 200 USD. The traditional material used for a quaich is wood, however, you can find various other option, sometimes combined in the same quaich. Thus, there are glass bras , horn, silver, stone and pewter quaichs, while some of them also have a glass bottom. This special design allows a person drinking from a quaich to see his companions.

You can find quaichs available in many locations for purchasing. Some ideas for shopping are the following. Angles located at 259 Morningside Road, Edinburgh EH10 4RD and James Ness & Son at 38 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4QY.