The Perfect Time To Go To Scotland and How to Stay Safe When You Get There

Scotland is filled to the brim with unforgettable experiences, stunning landscapes, great history and character, and sights you can’t take your eyes off of. No wonder everyone wants to visit the country! It’s as if you’re entering the world of fantasy novels like Game of Thrones and classics like Beauty and the Beast.

When planning your trip to Scotland, you should know when to go to Scotland so you can enjoy the country to its fullest. And, you should know how to stay safe in Scotland or anywhere else in the world you aren’t familiar with. Don’t worry! We’re here to help.


Scotland is beautiful any time of the year. They’ve got tons of sights you should visit and you’ll definitely fall in love with them whether it’s raining, snowing, or not. And when you ask locals when the best time to visit Scotland is, they’re going to have contradicting answers. But not to worry. We’ll try to help you out as much as we can.

If you want to visit the Scottish Highlands, we suggest visiting during the summer. That would be from June to August. The temperature during summer in the Highlands isn’t too hot. However, because the Highlands are located up north, it’s always going to be quite cold so make sure to wear layers. But the view is worth it.

The best time to visit Scotland, in general, would be July and August which are usually the warmest months of the year and is the peak season for tourism. These months are ideal for sightseeing and for enjoying everything the country offers.


Scotland is known to be a welcoming and warm country. But, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Try doing as much as you can to ensure your safety whenever you aren’t in a place that you are familiar with. Make use of the 3 tips we’re going to show you below so you can stay safe in Scotland and in any other country you’re going to visit.


Do some research.

You should always know how safe a country is. Are they having political issues, riots, or rebellions that could endanger you? This should be done before paying anything or booking anything. You need to make sure that the country is safe so you can enjoy a worry-free vacation. If you’re reading this, you’re doing great so far!

Be wary of public Wi-Fi and safeguard your hotel room.

With the Internet to help them out, hackers have become creative when it comes to stealing your valuable information. To avoid identity theft, avoid using public Wi-Fi. Another thing to do is to safeguard your hotel room. Hotels are secure but you can do something to your hotel room safer. To do so, you can buy a jammer. A jammer is a portable device. You can, then, add it to your room’s door. The jammer slips under the door for an added layer of protection.

Make sure to call your friends and family frequently.

You need to make sure someone always knows where you are. To do so, call your friends and family frequently. It is best to call at least twice a day especially when you’re traveling alone just so someone knows where you are.


Knowing when to go to Scotland can help you enjoy every part of the country. But to make sure you’re having a worry-free trip, try using all the 3 tips we’ve listed above to stay safe in Scotland. Happy planning and enjoy your relaxing vacation!