Everything Scotland: 5 Must-Sees When Vacationing in Scotland

Delve into the true beauty of Scotland by visiting these 5 must-sees when you vacation in the country. There is an overwhelming number of things to see in Scotland. A 2-week stay in Scotland might not even be enough to explore every attraction in the country. And when you get to the country, it’s hard to choose to leave. So when you’re there, make use of your time and make sure to use this guide to find out the best things to see in Scotland. Happy planning!


Think of Scotland. The first few things that probably come to mind would be their castles. Scotland is home to a lot of the most iconic castles in the world and blockbuster shows and movies like the Game of Thrones have used some of these castles. But Scotland has more to offer. So here are the top 5 things you should see and do to truly experience and enjoy Scotland.

Cruising Loch Ness and Visiting the Caledonian Canal

If you’re figuring out what to see in Scotland, add this to the list. Book a cruise and enjoy a few night’s boat ride around the Caledonian Canal. Travel from Loch Linnhe on the west coast to Inverness on the east coast. While you’re on the boat, look out the window or go out onto the deck and make sure to take loads of pictures of beautiful areas like Loch Ness, Fort Augustus, and Neptune’s Staircase. Those are all popular attractions.

Stopping by the Edinburgh Castle

If you’re in Scotland, definitely stop by the Edinburgh castle. Enter the castle using the drawbridge and pose for a picture with the statues of two of the most iconic heroes in Scotland, William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. Explore the castle and learn more about Scotland’s history.

Delving into the beauty of the Loch Lomond

Located near Glasgow near Glasgow is Britain’s largest lake, the Loch Lomond. Perfect for hiking, enjoy a beautiful day out, and take Instagram-worthy pictures your camera roll will greatly appreciate. This lake offers a phenomenal view of rolling hills, rough terrains, and lush green forests. Also make sure to visit the Loch Lomond Shores where great shopping malls, a farmer’s market, restaurants, bike, and boat rentals, and more are located.

Visiting Fort William and Ben Nevis

Aside from Britain’s largest lake, you can also visit Britain’s tallest mountain in Scotland. Found at the southeastern end of the Caledonian Canal is the charming town of Fort William where you can explore the Ben Nevis. There are lots of things to see in Scotland and this is one of them. Make sure not to miss out on this amazing experience!

Checking out the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow

Glasgow is one of the main cities in Scotland. This means it is home to several hotels, restaurants, and tourist spots. One of the more popular ones is the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. It’s filled with treasures like a Van Gogh portrait and tons of artworks related to the Arts and Crafts movement and Art Nouveau styles of the early 20th century. Art fanatics will enjoy such an amazing gallery and museum located in Glasgow.


Experiencing the true Scottish experience isn’t difficult at all when you use this guide on the top 5 things to see in Scotland. Now, the numerous attractions in this country are narrowed down so you can create a list or itinerary on what to see in Scotland. You’ve got tons of opportunities. All you’ve got to do is grab them.