The most popular Scottish desserts

We have already discussed some of the traditional Scottish dishes, however, the cuisine of this country has a much more to offer to its visitors. Make sure you will not miss anything delicious when you are visiting this country especially the amazing and unique Scottish desserts. Here are some of the most favourite Scottish desserts. Note that some of them can be taken home with you and given to the people you care as they are ideal for gifts.

Scottish tablets

What is the most popular sweet treats in Scotland? Undeniably, it is Scottish tablet! This sweet food is made of condensed milk, butter and sugar which are cooked together up to the moment when the mixture becomes crystallised. You can also find various versions of Scottish tablets with more interesting ingredients such as whiskey.

Scottish tablets are extremely popular in the country and you will be able to find them everywhere. Certainly, they can also be great options for gifts from Scotland.


Shortbread has been a classic dessert in Scotland for centuries. Actually, the first time its recipe was printed was in 1736. Scottish shortbread resembles of cookies made with an addition of a generous amount of butter. Of course, depending on the manufacturer of the dessert, its taste can vary and you can certainly find in it in different sizes and shapes. The most popular way of consuming shortbread in Scotland is with a cup of tea.

As you can imagine, shortbread is also a perfect Christmas gift. You can also get this desert as a gift from Scotland to your family and friends.

Toffee pudding

Toffee pudding is a traditional British dish and it is popular in Scotland as well. This dish is actually called sticky toffee pudding as it is based on a sponge and moist cake. Another crucial ingredient of this dish are of course toffee sauce. Toffee pudding also has dates in it and vanilla custard. Sometimes, the desert also has ice cream in it.

Toffee pudding is very widespread in the country and you will be able to easily find it in any pub.

Deep fried Mars bars in batter

Scots are very inventive when it comes to desserts and are not concerned about the amount of calories their delightful treats will add to one’s body. That is why there is nothing strange they have invented an amazing dessert out of Mars bars which are themselves already taste amazing.

The Scottish way of changing widely available Mars bars in a unique dessert is battering them first and then frying in the fryer. In such a way, the chocolate melts inside the batter while it is kept locked inside. It is impossible to say how delicious it is. You just need to taste it yourself. Yet, if you are not a fan of Mars bars, you can ask for any other popular sweet to be prepared for you in such a way.