The best ideas for fashion shopping while you are in Scottland

There are several curious pieces of clothes which are traditional for Scotland and thus, can be a great gift from your trip to this country. Of course, you can buy them for yourself as well. Actually, many of the amazing items on this list are unique and can be hardly found in other places.

A scarf with a tartan ornament

Undeniably, a tartan ornament is very popular in Scotland and it is used for decorating various goods. It will be certainly strange if you come back without anything decorated with tartan.

In case you are looking for the most practical item which will certainly suit anyone you are going to give it to, you should check tartan scarves. Needless to say, they are beautiful, warm, unisex and do not require the recipient to be of any particular size to be able to wear it.

A contemporary kilt

In case you are longing for real Scottish fashion, you absolutely cannot make do without a kilt. Yet, unlike many foreigners imagine it, kilts are made of different materials and are not necessarily designed with a use of a tartan material.

You can find Scottish designers working with this piece of clothes customising it various interesting ways. For example, Howie Nicholsby who is an Edinburgh designer has a collection of kilts made of absolutely different materials including leather, denim, camouflage, tweed and many other options.

Cashmere gloves

Scotland is widely known as a manufacturer of cashmere goods. In all likelihood, you do not need any introduction to cashmere. This material is absolute heaven combining the warmth of natural wool and the softest touch possible among threads.

Of course, the variety of goods made of cashmere fabrics is pretty large here, but a good choice for a gift will be a pair of cashmere gloves. It is not thus difficult to choose a pair of a right size and it will certainly make anyone happy unless you are not coming from a country with a warm climate.

A sweater designed by Christopher Kane

In case there is a real fashion enthusiast waiting for you to come back from your trip to Scotland, you can bring him or her a fantastic gift such as a sweater designed by Cristopher Kane. This Scottish designer is regarded to have one of the most unusual creative vision which allows him to create mixture of angular lines, structured tailoring with a tint of Scottish motives. No matter where are you from, this present will be unusual and valuable for anyone looking for unique pieces of clothes.