The best brands of beauty products in Scotland

Are you a fan of beauty products trying to find one produced locally whenever you are visiting a new country? May be you are in a search of a very special gift for your loved one? In any case, you should know that Scotland is widely known for its natural and luxurious cosmetics for different purposes. This article will provide you with some information on the brands with a very rich offer.

Pure Lochside

Pure Lochside is a very peculiar brand which is focused not only on the beauty products but also on the products with a therapeutic effect which can be used at home. All of their products are absolutely organic and rich in a variety of valuable natural substances.

Pure Lochside is the brand created by Fiona Tuttle who is an aromatherapist with a very long experience in the branch due to which she was able to design her own products and first release them in 2007. The brand has been very popular since then supplying Scottish spas.

If you do not know which product to pick first, try Calm and Soothe Body Oil. This is a classic product which was one of the first creations of Fiona Tuttle. This body oil is used for moisturising skin and soothing pains and aches. This is achieved by a special mixture of the lavender, arnica and marjoram oils with the addition of the vitamin E.

Arran Aromatics

Arran Aromatics has been regarded one of the top organic beauty brands of Scotland since 1989. Lots of the products of this brand are based on the mixture of oils and a seaweed extract. One of the most loved beauty products offered by Arran Aromatics is Seaweed and Mineral Salt Scrub. The fans of the brand love this scrub especially in the winter as it helps to exfoliate dried skin softly and efficiently.

The name of Arran Aromatics comes from the Isle of Arran which was the place where initially the creators of the brand, Ian Russel and his wife Janet started their home production.

You should pay your attention to the prices of the cosmetics offered by Arran Aromatics which are more budget-friendly than the majority of luxurious organic products manufactured in Scotland.

Highland Fine Soaps

If you are looking for an organic soap, you should first check the offer of Highland Fine Soaps which is known for its soap created in a traditional technology of production which requires around four weeks to finish the production of a single soap bar.

One of the most notable soaps produced by Highland Fine Soaps is Wild Scottish Rose Soap. This particular soap will not only clean the skin but also sooth it. The aroma of this natural soap is amazing as it has the oils of ylang ylang, rose geranium and patchouli.

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