Great ideas for gifts from Scotland

Are you wondering what gifts you can bring with you from Scotland? Certainly, you would like to have something absolutely unique and, at the same time, classic for Scotland! In this article you will find something for each of the people you would like to buy something.

Maisie MacKenzie Book

If you have a child on the list of people you would like to bring a present to, you should pay your attention to the books about Maisie MacKenzie. This is an entire series of books on adventures of a kitten who will certainly be loved by any child. For Scottish people, this character is iconic, however, even if Maisie MacKenzie is not known in your country, it is high time to get acquainted with this amazing kitten.

Soup ladle with Nessie

As you can imagine, the theme of Nessie is very popular in Scotland and it is certainly widely used in different goods. If you are looking for one of the most practical of them, you can take a soup ladle looking exactly like Nessie. This is a funny and useful present which will be perfect for your friends or member of the family who loves cooking.

Scottish Tea

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, staying in Scotland is a perfect time for purchasing tea. You might be curious about the most delicious kinds of tea available in this country as the tradition of tea drinking here is so strong.

Whether you are going to shop for yourself or for someone else, one of the top tea products available on the Scottish market is Dalreoch White Scottish Tea.

This tea is rather pricey, however, its taste is absolute heaven. The tea itself is white which makes it unique for some locations of the world where white tea is rather unpopular. Still, Dalreoch White Scottish Tea is not just white tea. It has a rich flavour a hint of nuttiness typical for peach stones as well as honey notes while the aroma of the tea is filled with fruits.

This tea comes from the very first Scottish tea plantation Dalreoch Farm Estate. As you can imagine, there is a variety of teas offered by this manufacturer. Another great example of a notable product is smoked white tea.


It is not a surprise that one of the most popular gifts chosen by the visitors of Scotland is whiskey. Scotland is a world-known producer of whiskey of the highest quality and you should certainly use the chance of getting a bottle as a gift from this country.

Certainly, it might be tricky to choose the best whiskey if at all possible. Even if you ask anyone for help, the hits will be rather personalised and subject as of course, just like with any other products, the preferable taste of whiskey is also a matter of one’s own taste.

What can you do then? If it is affordable for you, you can purchase Old Pulteney’s award winning 1989 Vintage Single Malt Scotch Whisky. A cheaper option with a still amazing taste is 12 Year Old Malt which has a rich taste with notes of sherry, toffee and green apple.

Edinburgh Gin

Another popular Scottish alcoholic beverage is undeniably gin. On of the best brands of the beverage available in this country is Edinburgh Gin which has a variety of fantastic products including Edinburgh Raspberry Gin Liqueur. This drink is sweet, crisp and absolutely refreshing.

Scottish Food Hamper and the Scottish Beer Box

Providing you are looking for a nicely packaged gift which will suit the taste of anyone, you can check Scottish Food Hamper. This is box packed with the top foods and beverages produced in Scotland. You can find one for those especially craving for sweet treats as well as for people preferring other food. Some options also have alcohol in them. There are also versions of hampers filled exclusively with alcohol, for example, the Scottish Beer Box.

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