More fashionable items to buy in Edinburgh

While many people are not aware of the premium quality of Scotland’s textile and leather goods, this is indeed the truth and staying in Edinburgh you will get a fantastic chance to explore the amazing assortment of the local goods. This article will guide you through more options of fashionable goods to get in Edinburgh. Note, here you will also find suggestions for the places to shop.

Ghillie brogues shoes

Getting shoes as a present for someone else might be rather tricky, however, you can give it a try and you certainly can consider such an option for making a gift for yourself.

Ghillie brogues are a special type of shoes that is extremely popular in Scotland and is particularly common to wear during social events with a formal dress. They have a very unique design without a shoe tongue while they also have rather long laces which are wrapped around the legs in a special way. This prevents them from getting dirty with mud.

Ghillie brogues have various designs, materials and quality. You can invest in your pair of shoes more and get a pair with the soles stitched to the shoe which will add them lastingness.

The minimum price you will have to pay for your ghillie brogues is 50 USD, while the maximum prices usually oscillate around 250 USD.

You can visit The Scotland Kilt Company at 93-95 Southbridge, Edinburgh EH1 1HN or Marchbrae at 7a Dundas Street, Edinburgh EH1 1PW to buy your pair of Marchbrae traditional Scottish shoes in Edinburgh.


While kilts and tartan scarfs are widely known around Scotland, there are also other traditional pieces of fashion you can get in Edinburgh and one of them is a sporran. This can be a great gift for anyone who adores the boho or folk fashion styles or for those who just enjoys collecting local products form different countries.

Traditionally, a sporran can be seen as a sort of a bag made specifically for wearing on top of a Scottish kilt that is pocketless as it creates some space for such necessities as keys or wallets. There are different designs of sporrans and actually several categories of this product which are used for different occasions. You can find day sporrans, dress sporrans, horsehair sporrans and animal mask sporrans.

The prices for sporrans vary a lot with the cheapest ones offered for as little as 15 USD and the most expensive one reaching beyond 650 USD.

Some ideas for shopping in Edinburgh for a sporran are The Kilt hire co. at 54/56 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh EH12 5LA and Gordon Nicolson at 189 Canongate, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh EH8 8BN.