5 Unique Scottish Traditions

When visiting Scotland, it’s important to know not only the different attractions offered but their traditions as well. This is so that you can enjoy a full-on Scottish experience. Scotland has great traditions and customs that are both unique and fun. And when you visit the country, make sure to view at least one of these traditions to complete your vacation. Here are 5 unique Scottish traditions you should know about.



When you think of Scotland, what comes to mind must probably be skirts. The Scottish are known for their attire complete with these “skirts”. The thing is, those clothes aren’t called skirts. They’re called kilts. And these kilts were worn all throughout the Highlands the northern Lowlands.

These thick full-length garments were created in the late 17th or early 18th century. And it wasn’t just for the fashion. Kilts were worn because they allowed for easier movement. And since it constantly rains in Scotland, getting out of these kilts did not pose a challenge.

The Highland Games

For hundreds of years, the Highland Games have been a popular and important part of Scottish culture. It’s been a way for them to gather together and honor their community, heritage, and history. If you plan to visit Scotland, don’t miss out on these events.

These events include heavy contests and field events such as the hammer throw and tons of music where you can dance your hearts out or listen to the different piping competitions. If you ever wondered how you’d do if you participated in the Highland Games, be sure to check the Highland Games Academy Scotland. Try your hand at hammer throwing, caber tossing, and more.


Bagpipes are often associated with Scotland because it is always used when creating traditional Scottish music. Complete your visit to Scotland by hearing the sweet sound of bagpipes. The Scottish often hold shows where they play bagpipes while wearing their traditional kilts.

A bagpipe is a wind instrument. Through arm pressure and blowing into a blowpipe or by bellows strapped to the body, the reed pipes found in the instrument are set in motion forming a melancholic sound. Bagpipes are a great part of Scottish tradition.

The Kirkwall Ba’

The “Uppies” born in the north and the “Doonies” born in the south play against each other in a game of football held every Christmas and New Year’s at 1 pm in the streets of a town called Kirkwall.

While the game can be intense, chaotic and oftentimes brutal, it can be fun to watch. If you pass by the town during these days, make sure to stop and watch a few minutes of these thrilling games.

Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

The famed Royal Edinburgh Military is a celebration filled with music and dancing. Groups such as the British forces showcase their military talents during this celebration and it is televised earning an audience of millions.

Tickets for this event sells out fast. So be sure to book them right now if you’re interested. There will be fireworks, song, and exciting military displays. Don’t miss out!


Scotland’s beauty magnifies because it is home to a lot of unique traditions and customs that people enjoy and celebrate to this day. And you are just as welcome to celebrate these traditions! Watch the highland games or buy yourself some kilts. It’s all up to you!