5 Castles You Must Visit in Scotland

The day Scotland does not have a castle is the day the world ends. Kidding! But seriously, Scotland is never without its castles. No matter where you find yourself, there is almost always a castle nearby. It’s as if these historic and stunning castles are as important to them as their traditions. After all, their castles are ranked amongst the most iconic in the world.

When you travel to Scotland, it is a must that you find yourself a castle to visit. It’s one of the staples of this country. Every single castle in Scotland is beautiful and kept in pristine conditions. The problem is that there are a lot of castles. How do you know what to visit in Scotland? To help you out, here are 5 amazing castles in Scotland that we know you’ll love.


There’s no need to worry about what to visit in Scotland. Not when you read this guide on the top 5 Scottish castles that you should add to your itinerary.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is, without a doubt, Scotland’s most important and famous castle. This castle that was once a stronghold that was the residence of many Scottish monarchs has been preserved and turned into a museum that commemorates the history of such a dynamic country.

Overlooking the city of Edinburgh, this castle sits atop a volcanic crag called Castle Rock. Walking uphill towards the castle might be tiring but, the view serves as a wonderful reward. Visit Edinburgh Castle and discover the rich history of Scotland and its monarchs.

Inveraray Castle

Another of Scotland’s iconic castles is the Inveraray castle. This castle attracts tons of tourists because of its beautiful décor. It transports you and gives you an inkling of what it would be like to be a Duke and Duchess of Scotland. If you’re visiting Scotland, definitely add this to your itinerary. It even has a beautiful garden fit for peaceful strolls.

Eilean Donan Castle

Recognized around the world as another impressive Scottish castle, the Eilean Donan is found on an island and surrounded by majestic scenery. It is also one of the most photographed castles in the world. No one can take a look at a photo of this castle without wanting to visit. It’s just too beautiful to resist!

Dunnottar Castle

This historically significant castle is a Scottish castle that’s been home to many legendary heroes. Vikings have attacked. William Wallace, a popular figure, has captured this castle. Even Mary Queen of Scotts has visited! This castle has been graced by the presence of royalty and legends alike. Not to mention it’s beautiful and the castle boasts a glorious view.

Stirling Castle

Looking for a place that’ll transport you to a world of plots, political     intrigue, balls, and history? Stirling castle offers all that and more. If you’re looking for what to visit in Scotland, this is a must. Stirling castle was home to Stewart kings and queens who used to hold grand celebrations. Get ready to meet costumed characters that add to the experience to give you an unforgettable visit to another iconic castle.

The Takeaway

It seems so fantastical and out of this world to be able to live in such a beautiful place surrounded by even more stunning sights. If you’re one of the many who dreamed of living in a castle, you should visit at least one of the 5 castles we’ve mentioned above. What are you waiting for? The castles await!